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Habakkuk 3

Do you podcast? Rose Hill PCA is in every major podcast directory on the latest phone models. Listen to this week’s sermon from the morning service by Pastor Skogen.

Mark 13:1-13

Does your phone do podcasts? All sermons from Rose Hill PCA can be delivered straight into the latest iPhone and Android. Search for us and subscribe or download the sermon from the evening service of July 21st preached by Rev. Skogen.

Habakkuk 2

Did you know that we’re on iTunes podcast and the Google Play Store podcast, too? It couldn’t be much easier to stream the sermon by Rev. Skogen from the morning service of July 21.

Psalm 2;

Psalm 2

Listen to the sermon preached by our guest preacher Mr. Chuck Guidetti:

Habakkuk 1:1-2:1

Listen to the sermon from the morning service preached by Rev. Skogen:

Mark 12:35-37

Listen to Rev. Seth Skogen’s sermon from the Sunday Evening’s service of worship:

Genesis 5

Stream Dr. Rogland’s sermon from this Sunday morning’s service:

Genesis 4

Stream Rev. Dr. Max Rogland’s sermon from June 26 morning service:

Genesis 3

Stream the sermon preached by Rev. Dr. Max Rogland during the morning service of worship.